Ultimate Collection of 26 Amazing and Creatively Designed Infographics

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What are Infographics exactly?

Heard of the word infographics? Yes, no? Infographics (information graphics) as the name derives are visual representation of data, information or knowledge. These graphics are presented in a way that makes complex information clear and easy to understand.


Infographics are used in a variety of ways in a variety of manners. An infographic can be very useful for business organizations, commercial purposes, journals, conferences, scientists, mathematicians and even artists.

How to Design Infographics?

An infographic should be visually appealing and very clear so as to convey the message and information present in it. It’s hard to set a finger on one point that will be most important for a graphic artist who is up for designing an infographic, but some of the skills that are essential for designing an infographic are the ability to:

interpret complex information

pick out the most important facts from bulk information and last but not the least:

create elements that are in harmony with your information.

Its interesting how designers are able to interpret complex information and that’s what makes infographics a popular trend these days. We are sharing a collection of some very interesting infographics for inspiration. Scroll through to go through these awesome infographics and be inspired!

Hidden Dangers in your House

1 Hidden-Dangers-in-Your-House

Unboxing the iPad Data

2 ipad-unbox-infographic

Quantitative Analysis Infographic

3 Quantitative Analysis Infographic

New York Metro

4 metro newyork

Marriage Infographic

5 marriage-infographic-1

Inception Infographic


101 Designer Secrets

101 creativity

Left Bain vs. Right Brain

 left brain vs right brain infographic

10 Ways to be Creative Infographic

10 ways to be creative

7Summits Infographic




Social Media Infogaphic

12 social media infogaphic

Instagram Infographic

instagram facts interesting infographics

Manage Stress Infographic

13 Manage-Stress-Infographic

Link Building

14link building


milk infographic

Car Insurance Liability Infographic

16 car-insurance-infographic

LinkedIn Bootcamp Infographic


Happiness Infographic

Happiness Infographic

CEOs on Social Media Infographic


Reddit vs. Digg Infographic

Reddit vs. Digg

Creative Infographic

 creative infographics

Social Media Zoo Infographic

Social Media Zoo Infographic

How Green is the iPhone 4? Infographic

23 iphone 4 infographic

Disk Space Infographic

24 diskspace.folding infographic

Last but not the least:

Infographics on Infographics


Hope you enjoyed this collection of creatively designed infographics. Are you up for designing yours?

Happy Infographicing!