Top 8 Non Wifi Games To Play While Travelling


If this summer you be finding yourself sat on  air plane for hours with no Wi-fi, on long car journeys without any data connection or even abroad without any Wi-fi connections we have the solution to cure you’re travelling boredom. Nowadays it is somewhat difficult to find games that do not require any internet connection as most games require cloud saving or an online login, however we have found a solution to this. Here we have put together a selection of games to keep you entertained on your travels with the top 8 non Wi-Fi games.

templerunTemple Run 2 – for Android (free) and iOS (free)

Temple Run 2 is super well known and popular for a reason. This game kills time as quickly as you run through different courses avoiding obstacles. This game has beautiful graphics that will immerse you into the world of Temple Run. There are loads of achievements to unlock and levels to travel through. Once more, there are now special powers to explore whilst speeding down zip lines, balancing on cliff tops.

best fiendsBest Fiends – for iOS (free)

Best Fiends is a highly addictive game that features insects and garden friends to unlock, build a team and level up in order to pass each level. The levels themselves comprise of a simple connection and link the different symbols. This game is easy to use and quick to pick up but does require tactics and is challenging. This game is sure to keep you entertained on a long journey.

flick-golf-best-no-internet-gameFlick Golf – for Android (free) and iOS ($0.79)

Flick Golf is a bright, sunny game that has no rules, no golf clubs and most importantly does not require any internet connection at all. This fun game takes on the classic game of golf and has turned it into an application to get stuck into. There are loads of courses to chose from, with new looks and locations to keep you entertained.

football managerFootball Manager Classic 2015 – for iOS ($2.99)

The iconic Football Manager game has at long last come to the application world. This app version works really well and brings the same high quality of a simulated football managing career to life. Football Manager Classic 2015 comes with a brand new match engine, achievements page, my club mode, rankings and dynamic league reputations as well as a new more polished look. This app is great for people new to Football Manager and for those that want to play across all their devices.

badlandBadland – for Android (free) and iOS ($2.99)

Badland is the Game of the Year, and from playing this you will see why. Badland displays incredible graphics of a beautiful. With a recent extra 30 levels added, this daydream fantasy game is a beautiful way to lose yourself while on a long journey. This scrolling adventure game is designed to make you the hero of an enchanted forest characters.

skiingSkiing Yeti Mountain – for iOS (free)

Skiing Yeti Mountain is really quick to pick up and looks simple to  use, but requires technique and concentration. You could easily lose hours on the slopes trying to beat your previous times, avoiding reindeers and meeting people along the way. There is a lot of humour combined with this game to pair with the retro pixel look to this game. There are hundreds of levels to complete; if you have a long journey to your skiing holiday this summer this is a game to keep you occupied.

bonzBonza Word Puzzle – for Android (free) and iOS (free)

Bonza Word Puzzle is for those that love word genre puzzled. This game is super gripping and one for everyone; it combines tons of classic word puzzles smoothly to keep you occupied without any Wi-Fi needed. Bonza Word Puzzles has themes, tons of levels and challenges to make the time fly.

you must build a baotYou Must Build  A Boat – for iOS ($2.99)

You Must Build A Boat is a super gripping and somewhat challenging game. This game combines a candy crush image matching style with tactics, rewards, levels and a really catchy theme tune! You Must Build A Boat is very original and will keep you at the edge of your seat to keep up with this game. You Must Build A Boat has a very retro look and feel about it, which is really fun and makes this game feel very unique.