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5 Top Features Coming in iOS 8.3

[leaderboard_ads] So, despite iOS 8.2 only having been released just recently, simply adding in the Apple Watch application allowing users to connect to their new Apple Watch in the middle of this month, iOS...

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Major Differences and Similarities Between Android and Apple Devices

]On one hand is Apple who is not only the developer and creator of the iPhone but also the sole manufacturer. On the other is Google, who devices the entire Android platform but let individual manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola create the handset that runs the Android system. For this reason many Android phones will vary in their functionality depending on the manufacturer.

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Best Free iPad Apps of 2012

[leaderboard_ads] Despite emerging competition and a real battle between Apple and its rival, Google, in the mini tablet field, the regular iPad certainly leads its market. Consumers can’t get enough of Apple’s iOS operating...